The basket with grapes

A poor woman was passing once by a vineyard full of grapes.

`How I wished I had a bunch of these grapes!`

 On that moment the owner of the vineyard showed up. After greeting her he asked her:

 `Madam would you like a bunch of grapes?`

And after she said yes, he went into the vineyard to cut some bunches. And the woman stood there waiting for him. But the minutes passed on and the landlord did not come back. At last she got tired of waiting, thinking that he had forgotten about her and she was about to leave.

But right then the landlord came back with a basket full of fine grapes and said smiling:

`Forgive me for coming back so late.` I only wanted to choose some of the finest grapes for you.`

Many times we ask something from God in our prayer. But if we do not receive an answer immediately we think that God forgot us. However after a while the answer comes, full of such an abundance and so many blessings we could never have imagined. And we feel so ashamed because of the lessening of our faith.

God comes late because He wants to fill the basket with His blessings, before offering it to our soul that asked only for a bunch.

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