Why only the Orthodox psalmodies can raise you to heaven?

The Byzantine music heals depression. It’s the music of the Church, the music of angels. The distressed soul is healed and sanctified by this.

The Church Fathers frequently emphasize in their texts the role of the Church music in the formation and cultivation of the Christian morality and exhort the Christians to praise God by means of music.

For the Holy Fathers music is a means for relieving passions, purifying souls and spiritual rejoicing.

Saint Basil the Great writes: ”Psalmody appeases souls, brings peace, stops the disturbance caused by the flood of thoughts.”

Great Athanasios also writes: ”By psalmody all the disturbance, wildness and disorder  dwelling in the soul calm down and the sorrow gets healed.”

And saint John Chrysostom says that by psalmody even the air gets sanctified. ”The mind hears the voice and changes, the chant gets in and chases away passions.”

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