A word for the youth of our days- Father Arsenie Papacioc

Could you provide insights on the characteristics of young people in today’s society? Specifically, what qualities should a young person possess if they genuinely wish to serve God with all their heart?

Certainly, it is up to the individual to wholeheartedly embrace their faith. At the very least, a young person should be someone who takes the first steps towards the ultimate goal: salvation. Their entire life depends on these initial steps. Striving for salvation means leading a life centered around the church, practicing sincere confession, having a compassionate heart towards others, and engaging in acts of charity. As Vlahuță said: “Charity encompasses the entirety of Scripture!”

A Christian life of prayer should not be a mere routine, something done out of habit before going to bed or upon waking up. I’m not referring to a prayer life based on a set pattern, but rather one that is spontaneous, if possible. That’s why I mentioned that every moment can be a time for prayer, and every sigh can be a prayer.

You see, that’s what pleases God! He desires us to always turn our hearts towards Him because He is the One who truly is. He created us, He will judge us, He will bless us. So, what material reasons could we have to fear anyone other than Him? “Oh, if only you knew who I am!” -You would hear God saying. And as it is said in certain situations, “I know what it means to weep!”

A young person should be such a great hero for Christ. Not a hero in a false, worldly, passionate love, but a hero for Christ. Everything that Christ said is true. “Oh, what You have said, Christ, is all true!”

Therefore, a young person who raises this question will be able to take the second and third steps, and all the steps towards salvation. And, of course, they will be assisted by the Grace of God.

Excerpt from Father Arsenie speaks to us, 2nd edition, volume 3, Publishing House: Sihastria Monastery, 2010, via http://doxologia.ro

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