What is the mirror of your heart ?

The spiritual sense which we acquire when we have a good conscience and hardihood before God. When I am honest and I study myself I see myself as if in a mirror. This gives me hardihood and love for God and trust. But in parallel with the mirror of my heart, with my good conscience, with the spiritual experiences I see what’s in the heart of who’s near me meaning that I gain the charisma of discernment and clairvoyance.

When someone is sunken into sin, he sees them all sinners and condemns everyone. When he is mischievous, sly, when he hates he suspects all the rest of sins. This happens because his own mirror which is his conscience is a frothy sea.

He cannot see anything else at his brothers except shadows. The sinner cannot praise the other people. `Ask me if you want to know who is this`, he tells you about somebody. And it is a fact that there is no man who when he condemns and criticizes his neighbor is rebuked by his conscience. When he speaks aghainsgt another person has a demonic soul .

When he tells you: `this one is proud, the other one is grumpy and another one is depraved` it means he is that way. And even if we suppose that he is not that way now due to the fact that the spiritual law has effects, he will surely become like that. You shall ultimately fall in the pit you digged for someone else.

From here we draw the conclusion that the man who speaks against someone without thinking hasn’t got the smallest sparkle of divine light. L, the mirror of his soulon the contrary he is full of dirt in his soul. The virtuous one, the pure man never judges the other one, he only judges himself to be able to see if his own conscience, the mirror of his soul is clear and diaphanous.

Thus because the persons who condemn, pry, rebuke, give lessons to the others have demonic souls. Never be in their company!

Go away. Tell them: I am sorry, I am busy, I can’t, I am in a hurry!`

Tell them everything you like only go away because tjhere is a demon and he is surely contagious. From his mouth will come into yours like the flu. We can trust only the mouth that speaks what is good.

When I have a good heart and communion with God I rejoice and I can see the heart of the other one.

I undertand that X is glaf while Y has a demon inside, bad thoughts, sins. I see even his childhood, his birth, KI see everything kin the mirror of my heart

Thisn isn the spiritual charisma given to the pure man.

Archimandrite Emilianos of Simonopetras Saint Hesychios – Word about vigilance,  Saint Nectarios Publishing

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