What is inside the man`s heart?

Here is a mystery; there are souls who came to know the Lord; there are souls who did not know Him, but they believe in Him and finally people who did not know Him and don`t even believe in Him and among these there are many educated people.

Pride leads to faithlessness. The proud man wants to know everything by his mind and science but it is not given to him to know God, because God reveals Himself only to the humble souls. To the humble souls the Lord makes known His things, which are incomprehensible for our mind, but which are revealed through the Holy Spirit.

With his mind the man can know only the earthly ones and these only in part, while God and the heavenly ones are known only through the Holy Spirit.

Some struggle all their life to know what is in the sun on the moon or anywhere else but these are of no use for their souls.

But if we struggle to know what is inside the man`s heart here is what we`ll see : in the soul of a saint – the Kingdom of Heaven and in the soul of a sinner only darkness and pain. And it is useful to know this as we will remain forever either in the Kingdom or in pains.

Excerpt from Between the hell of despair and the hell of humbleness– Pious Silouan the Athonite, Deisis Publishing House

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