We live in the lives of the others

Yes, unconsciously we came to live in the lives of the others: stars of all kinds, top models, opinion makers, sportsmen, politicians, activists, virtual friends from the social networks. They all present themselves as models, with happy carefree lives, with wonderful accomplishments and successes.

Everything is pink, or at least this is the impression they leave. It is true from time to time a scandals bursts, some shocking revelations appear and some spectacular falls occur but the public once it got attached of such a public person, is inclined to ignore the moral deviations, the behavioral and deontological failures: He is human and sometimes makes mistakes.

The initial glitter and glamour and glory blur any value judgment, any axiological assessment regarding the issue of idolatry. In other words we make idols for ourselves from our fellowmen.

On the social networks it appears the phenomenon of public exposure, in the luckiest moments of life, which give the impression of permanent success, of a perfect life. Then the person who sees these snapshots thinks: `What a nice and carefree life has this person, why can`t I do the same? What do I miss?` Here it appears the biggest delusion by the fact that everyone sells visually a piece of happiness as if his entire life from morning till night it looks that way; meaning a state of permanent bliss, a permanent vacation from the worries of tomorrow, a state of imponderability before troubles, the stressful factor of life.

You don`t know where to look first: at the exotic trips, at the dog sleeping before the fireplace, at the electric automobile, at the refined dishes, at the fashionable clothes, at the famous friends, at the offsprings who take their master and PH D degrees in the West, at the face lifting made by Asian surgeons, at the seven stars drinks, the jewelry received as gifts, the latest mobiles, the houses arranged by famous designers? Everything starts to whirl around in the head of the poor network user and his world already seems too small, crowded and paltry and his own life seems a half failure.

But nothing is what it seems to be. We don`t know and we won`t ever know which is the real price of all these accomplishments and what kind of life has in the reality the beneficiary of all those things…As everything has a price which is different than the one declared in images where the content smile serves for any explanation. You have no idea what serious compromises hide behind an apparent success and what moral desertions what skeletons hide in the wardrobe, what monstrosities are kept secret, what sadness or even depressions haunt the nights of these people. That is why I say: let us be content with our own unique personal lives and with the pillow which is not covered in cactus thorns. If everyone of us lived his life serenely and joyfully, wisely and patiently, he would be happier.

Of course I don`t preach indifference, resignation from effort, for the sake of the slogan: That`s it, nothing can be done!` But I don`t approve despair and panic to obtain everything, to consume everything, to be everywhere and nowhere , to climb on cadavers for reaching a high position. A necessary balance between desire and capability and a Christian decency and a joy contained by our daily existence would be the ideal solution for surviving in accordance with what we are in reality and from this we could extract a lot of joy for us and those around us.

Nichita Stănescu said wisely: Old fellow, all people want to write like Eminescu, but nobody wants to live his life!

I move this statement in the terms of faith and I say: why wouldn`t we like to be like the saints to whom we often pray, why wouldn`t we take them as models? Is it because we don`t like true humbleness and to endure suffering and  we can`t write volumes of wisdom literature and we can`t admit martyrdom as a form of salvation?

But right here we should place our bar of life and life will suddenly be if not easier anyway much more peaceful and serene and meaningful. To be meaningful, to perceive the meaning of our life is the key of happiness.

Răzvan Bucuroiu

Source: http://ziarullumina.ro

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