To wash or not to wash…

Probably almost all priests are asked during the period of Epiphany if to wash or not to wash in this period. The reason of this question is that usually in almost all the water wells and basins is poured a little bit of Great Holy Water and it would be an impiety to use the water except for drinking and cooking.

Wrong! First we must know that the Great Holy Water is only that one taken from the church and blessed by the priest. If we pour a liter of holy water in some tons of water it doesn`t mean that the entire quantity became holy water.

Secondly water is vital for the man, for the animals and in general for nature. For the man it is used at the preparation of the food and at hygiene. We cannot make a break and it is not justified to make a break of 8 days from hygiene on the reason of impiety. The water must be used in the purpose left by God.

Thus it is no sin to wash or take a shower during this period. Holiness does not consist in the high degree of dirtiness. The spiritual man is a neat and clean man. Let us don`t forget that the same water is also used in industry and car washing, the same water is found in the tanks of our baths and everywhere. So it is good not to exaggerate.

We take great Holy Water according to the rule (5th -14th of January),  and in the rest of the time we use the water at everything is necessary.

But I would suggest to you another issue of discussion related to water: how we should use more responsibly the waters and protect them in the environment where we live: wells, lakes, springs, rivers, seas?

Priest Ioan Chirvasă


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