To be a child means…

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

Christ told us to be like the children. Many think they are. We say we are children in our soul. But what does it mean to be a child?

Some think to be a child means to be joyful.

Others think to be a child means to play all the time. However neither joy nor play saved anyone and the world produced the industry of entertainment and games for the naives…

Neither merriment, nor games or comeliness make us children if we lost our power to believe.

To be a child means to believe that everything is possible, to believe that you can fly with an umbrella, that you can bring down the dragon with a wooden sword. Christ came for these ones and said: what it is impossible at people it is possible at God. We can fly, we can crush the dragon. Only believe it.

Happy Child`s Day!

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