This is the greatest virtue: to really know yourself

Everyone should be aware that if he does something for God, he receives reward from God. So he doesn’t care what the other one does. If  there is any grumbling, that deed has no more spiritual value.

Pray to receive patience and a humble mind from God so that you can have peace of soul. The peace of soul is the greatest thing in any situation, no matter what someone else would tell you.

Listen, when someone blames himself for everything,  know that he is close to God and when he justifies himself, then he is close to the devil.

No one wants to know that the greatest of all things is to know yourself, to know who you truly are. This is the greatest virtue.

Orthodoxy never makes us see the mistakes of the other but see ourselves and humble ourselves and consider we are worse than all the others.

Starets Dionisie Ignat from Colciu

Excerpt from ”Starets Dionisie – The confessor from the Holy Mountain, Prodromos Publishing, 2009, pag. 287-289-297.


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