The sin of indifference

The local priest and a peasant from his parish met one afternoon on the way of a village. When the priest saw the peasant asked him:

`Yesterday morning I met two villagers who quarreled from a certain reason and I succeeded to reconcile them. I saw you passed by them without caring and continued your way in peace. How is that possible? Do you think you did a good thing?

`Father`, the man answered, `I don`t think it is important. What I think is that God is almighty and if He wants to save my soul He will save me and if He doesn`t want to save me, then this will happen no matter what I do.`

`God forbids it, my son, how can you speak in this way? The priest answered meekly. Tell me where are you coming from now with your spade on your back?

`How is that, father, where from, from the field. I have been working there since morning. At how much I toiled I hope from all my soul God will give me a good harvest.`

`Don`t you think my son that it is the same when it comes to your life and sins? Why do you go to work in the field? If God wants to give you a good harvest, you will find everything already made, if He doesn`t want it why toiling away? Does this seem right to you?

`No, father. If I don`t work how could I have what to eat?`

`It is true my son if you work with passion God helps you to get a good harvest. It is the same if you live without sin taking care not only of yourself but also of those around you, then God has mercy and even if you make some mistakes in your life He forgives you and at Judgment you will be saved.

In the same way the weeds invade an untidy garden, the sins take control over the soul of the bad man. As much as you seek that those around you shall have peace and joy faith and hope in salvation in the same measure God will seek for you to share all these.

Never do again like you did yesterday. If you can help someone, even with an advice or a good word, do it immediately because we must be careful at everything is in life as the world is the garden we all have to take care of.

Only who loves his neighbor loves God (The Holy Scripture)

Excerpt from The most beautiful Orthodox Christian parables and tales  –Leon Magdan, Aramis – Romanian Patriarchy

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