The Sight of the Holy Trinity

To those said before we shall add with the blessing of his holiness an actual experience of seeing and entering in communion with the Triune God of a blessed abbess from Crete, as it was recently related to his holiness by a pious cleric.

`When I cry and moan for my sins my hearts deepens. I sigh from the bottom of my heart and I am soothed. The prayer flows and flows and all of a sudden, I don’t know how, with the binocular of the heart I see that splendid light which the mind cannot encompass and the tongue cannot speak about. Nobody can describe the splendor of the skies. The heaven hides many mysteries. The light is abundant, has no beginning, middle or end. It is shapeless. It is full of annunciations. Many inexplicable things are explained through it. Some of them you can say but many of them no. It is the Light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They are all three in the same light but are distinguished as three lights which is the same One. I cannot describe it to you. The Father without beginning is not seen. No one has ever seen Him and no one shall ever see Him. Not even the Angels. He is hidden by plenty of light.

But it is seen His Kindness, His indescribable Love, His Care for the whole world, His Leniency and His Long Lasting Patience. The Son is visible because He made Himself like one of us. He took human shape and it is clearly seen how He spreads Light. He has blue eyes, dark blond hair and the beard divided in two, He is of medium height and with an armonious body. He has the wounds from the Cross unhealed so that we can recognize Him because many called Him deluded, wise etc. The Holy Spirit is not visible. He is Light. He came into the world and did not leave anymore. He moves with great noise but nobody hears Him. He comes to all but finds shelter only where He finds repentance. The divine ones spread nice fragrance, bring peace, silence and heaven in the soul and rebuke for the condition we reached. In the Light I see that God is everything and I am nothing…

Excerpt from the article Theology about the Holy Trinity of His Holiness Ierothei Vlachos.


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