Pope’s Benedict XIV decision to quit was rushed by the existence of a secret file related to a network of homosexuals from Vatican, a file that was given to the Roman Pontiff in December 2012. Before Christmas, the pope decided to resign from his pontificate, although his decision was postponed far later. According to Discovery the report called “Relationem” was filled on pope’s request who asked three cardinals to discover the truth about the business with concealed networks.

Thus the cardinals Julian Herranz, Josef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi filled a report of 300 pages where they detailed cases of sexual deviations occurred even in the bosom of Catholic Church that had been going on from 2007 to the time of speaking.

         Amongst these there was also the case of pedophilia occurred in 2010 when a member of the choir was expelled from the church because he provided minors to one of his superior prelates for sexual acts. La Republica says that “Relationem” proves how the heads of the Catholic Church breached the sixth and seventh commandment. The first, “thou shalt not steal”, would refer to the affairs of the Vatican Bank, IOR, which is under investigation for money laundering. The seventh commandment, “thou shalt not commit adultery” is clearly proven through the countless cases of sexual abuses.

         According to a close source of Conclave, quoted by the Italian Daily, the pope who declared that (gay marriages) homosexuals are a “threat to the world peace”, became fume and fret when he saw the report and decided to step down.

         The same source claims that during the last day of his papacy, 28th of February, the Pope Benedict met with the three authors of the file and decided to hand it over to the new pope.