I know that a lot of Romanians say that the owner of the Club from Bucharest and the fireworks performed without approval were responsible for the tragedy in Club Colectiv. Likewise, the club Colectiv did not have a contract with the firemen from Inspectorate for Emergency Situations for checkup and control in case of emergency. This is what it shows at the first glance but in reality the drama from club Colectiv is metaphysical, the expression of the assumption for a satanic celebration as Halloween in our country.

         This celebration that has gradually flown out in Romania after revolution, invokes the malefic spirits, the devil and the inferno, being a loyal copy of a satanic Celtic orgy when dead spirits were invoked and that became imposed in USA once with the Scottish and Irish emigrants. Over the past years it has been started a general madness in schools together with the teachers in the lead and parents who dress their children in devils, witches or vampires and invoke the death and glorify the cemeteries. I have had the surprise to see my daughter in the preparing class coming back from school with a drawing illustrating a cemetery with vampires, inverted crosses and the motto “Rest in peace!” These devilish phenomena are going on in the Romanian schools so we can go with the trend according to the atheists and Satanists from USA.

         Since many years the parents have been writing memos to the Inspectorate for general schools where they have asked for the ban of parties for Halloween and still no result. The directors, teachers and a part of parents are like going crazy around the day of 31st of October. The pupils go to school wearing witch hats, clothes with printed skeletons, having their eyes made up and faces painted as if they were devils. It is a modern cult of invoking the death and Satan. As a Christian nation we should ban the Halloween in schools. The Romanian Orthodox Church requested this and still no result, it is like the Ministry of Education and the heads of Inspectorates are inspired by Satan to continue approving the orgy of death in schools.

         On the day of 31st of October within the schools from Romania no classes are given and everybody is focused to be vampires or Dracula for Halloween, disrupting the scholar program. In Russia the Ministry of Education has banned the Halloween in schools considering it a satanic celebration that disturbs the orthodox tradition and the Russian scientist have discovered that after Halloween the children have been aggressive and violent.

         Thus the tragedy from Colectiv club that was organized in the eve of Halloween using inverted chants for Christmas: “Merry Halloween!” invoking the evil forces lead to the tragedy where for the time of speaking 27 innocent youngsters died and others are intubated and about to die and over a hundred heavily burned in hospitals. It is a metaphysical drama. Someone from the survivors said that in the middle of fire he had the feeling that that was how the hell looked like, with people burning alive, spiritually invoking the Halloween. In the evening of tragedy, in Club Colectiv the album of the rock band Goodbye to Gravity was released and suggestively entitled: “Mantras of War” and the famous song that was performed when the fire started was satanically called: “The Day We Die”. The death invoked on Halloween came in a tremendous way with fire, smoke and brimstone like in Sodom and Gomorrah over the pure youngsters from Bucharest burned alive and gathered to have fun on a celebration that invokes Satan, a celebration that the Romanian state does not forbid but tolerates and promotes it because it comes from the Americans. The tragedy should give a lot to think to the authorities so that they at least ban the Halloween in schools if not yet definitively over the whole territory of Romania as a celebration that invokes the death instead of life and Satan instead of Jesus.

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