If a prophet appears among you [1]

The Lord says that if a (false) prophet (meaning a charlatan) announces a sign or wonder, we should not discuss with him (as children do). Let us not be like a leave gone with the wind. Let us not believe in other gods. We should unalterably stand for our Lord (according to Deuteronomy 13, 1-3). For the Lord, your God is testing you, to know whether you love the Him with all your heart and with all your soul. (Deuteronomy 13, 3). Thus, it is possible that mediums or others like to be able, with God’s permission and with the power of evil to work “miracles”. Here are a few of them:

         “Communication” with the deceased


         There are some people who are so much broken-hearted for the loss of a beloved one that they go to a medium (to a devil) in order to hear the voice of the deceased one, to talk to him and to seek for a relief. Do they truly hear the voice of the deceased? Victor H. Ernest, a former medium that we aforementioned, barefacedly answered: the voice they hear is not the voice of the beloved one but the devil’s. Therefore the poor unfortunate ones stay with the delusion that they are in contact with the soul of the deceased one!



There are two types of telepathy:

  1. a) reading the mind of others

According to Victor H. Ernest, this happens when the intelligence of a person walks hand in hand with the evil spirit or the entire person is under the control of the evil spirit. Doreen Irvine, a former prostitute and stripper, who was crowned as queen of witches in Europe, did not have any problem, as a Satanist that she was, in reading the mind of other people.

  1. b) The foresee of something that happens far away, in a dream of reality

Two people who participated to a meeting organized by Ernest, could read the main headlines of the morning newspapers while they were still in print, so with few hours before they were released for sale. Others, on a “higher” level were able to look inside the houses as if they had a camera, being able to find hidden objects, etc.

         “Miracles” with fire


         Few years ago, in Kalamata an occultist performed in front of his public the following “miracle”: he drew lines on his hand using a lit cigarette while feeling no pain. Something similar happened in Ayia Elene from the northern Greece, on the celebration day of Saints Constantin and Elena. A group of people while holding in their hands icons of Saints, were dancing in bear feet on glowing carbons without being burned.

         Victor H. Ernest says that it was no delusion. He states that those who step on fire, do really step on glowing carbons, sometimes even on molten lava. Actually, stepping on fire, as he further says, is a total surrender of those practitioners into the forces of darkness.



         Some time ago, on the main street from Patras city from Greece, a magician helped by the evil spirits performed some hocus-pocus. Through different invocations chairs and tables were made floating in the air as if they were made of paper. Big crowds of people gathered to see that devilish show. Yet, by God’s providence, a priest from that city, father A.K. passed that place and he made the sign of cross over those flying tables and chairs. They immediately fell down on earth and they remained steadfast despite the repeated efforts of the occultist to move them. The power of the cross incapacitated the evil spirits’ one.



         Regardless of how impressive the “miracles” performed by Satan’s agents (mediums, magicians etc.) are yet they are not able to stand against the power and presence of the cross. They fade away. They disappear like bubble. That’s what they are…

         [1] Deuteronomy 13, 1 … or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder

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