The Saints Joachim and Ana are the most passionless couple

`Father, tell is about saints Joachim and Ana, the parents of the Holy Mother of God. Once you began to tell us something about them.

Since I was a child I had a great devotion for the saints Joachim and Ana. I even told this to someone that when I was to become a monk I wished to receive the name of Joachim. How much we owe them! The saints Joachim and Ana are the most passionless couple which has ever existed. They didn`t have any physical desire.

This is how God created the man, passionless and this is how he wished the men were born. But in the relation between man and woman after the fall interfered passion.

When a passionless couple was found exactly as God had created the men and wished the men to be born, the Holy Mother of God was born, this pure creature from which Christ was born. My thought tells me Christ would have been born earlier if there had been found a pure couple as the saint Joachim and Ana had been.

The Catholics came to falsehood and they believe apparently out of devotion that the Holy Mother of God was born without the ancestral sin.

But the Mother of God was not born without the ancestral sin [1] but as God wished the men to be born after the Creation. She was most pure because her conception was made without physical pleasure. The saint Joachim and Ana, after their ardent prayer to God to give them a child, had sexual intercourse not from physical desire but from obedience towards God. This mystery was revealed to me from Sinai.[2]

[1] The Holy Mother of God was born naturally and not without sexual intercourse. She was most pure as Saint John the Damascene writes in his word at The birth of our Most Holy Lady, the Holy Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary for she was conceived in full wisdom (see page 96, 669 A) but by her own struggle she increased her holiness received from her parents rejecting any useless and soul harming thought without liking it (Ibidem 676B).

[2] The elder was a recluse at Sinai at the Cave of the Saints Galaction and Epistimios between 1962‑1964. What it was revealed to him the elder did not tell us.

Excerpt from Family life – Pious Paisios the Athonite,  Evanghelismos Publishing.

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