The recipe for salvation of Pious Paisios the Athonite for all the tired and burdened

Limit your material needs because these generate terrible burdens and worries.

Do not envy the people who have money, comfort, glory and power but those who live in virtue, wisdom and good faith.

Do not ask from God things which strengthen only the body, ask instead first of all for what it is good and useful for the soul.

Change your life, discover the meaning of life, regain the time you wasted in your journey you have made till now on earth.

Do not trust in the thought of the worldly people.

Heal yourself of the diseases which dominate the life of the people who had not learnt to fast, refrain, pray and hope.

Do not despair, Go dis everywhere and He loves the man.

Cut any bond with the evil, live freely, in accordance with the will of God.

Prove your faith by the deeds of love for your brother.

Decide what you want the most : to please the world or to return near God.

Almost all problems begin from the mouth (from the way you speak) and also from how much you are dominated by your irrational passions.

Love your wife more than you love yourself, in deeds not in words. Never speak badly to her because the tongue always kills and destroys love. Be careful that some parents pamper their children and fulfill all their wishes. When you pamper a child too much he becomes selfish and will go on a deviated way. Many parents take care to give their children only material things. This is a mistake. The body has many material cravings, but life is short. The soul is eternal: there is another way and another journey. The soul does not end down earth but at God. Today everybody is preoccupied by the body but not about the needs of their soul.

Which are the needs of the soul, father?

`How to tell you? The needs of the soul are various. The joys of the soul are different from those of the body. You satisfy easily the body, but not the soul. If you have money and you go into a big store, the body is content. But what can you find for your soul in one of those big stores, as they call them supermarkets. The soul needs other things. The soul needs peace, communication with God.

In order to preserve the body it is needed to have money and the daily bread but to preserve the soul you need the divine gifts: the heavenly bread.

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