Prayer for strength in trials and patience in troubles

Bishop Macarie Drăgoi

Righteous of the Old Testament you became for us bright models by your spiritual beauty and strength in the trials you passed through. You, virtuous Joseph by slavery in flesh after being sold by your brothers guarded your soul free of the vain pleasures and for the acknowledgement of your faithfulness, virtuousness and righteousness you became an icon of Christ our Savior and you, great sufferer Job by strong faith and long lasting patience facing troubles, showed yourself a living pillar and an example of virtue.

For this we pray to you to take heed at us who stumble under the burden and affliction of the day. We have no strength, no understanding, no patience and our weaknesses and helplessness overwhelm us completely. Our lack of faith make us be hesitant. We do not have the love which doesn`t seek its own interest, we don`t understand the deep meaning of the trials and we don`t know how to straighten our lives but regard faith as a contract in which the most merciful God is obliged to reward our loyalty. We seek His blessings but so rarely we seek God Himself.

With humble hearts we fall down to prayer and ask for your help, you most beautiful Joseph and most patient Job. Give us patience and courage in troubles and afflictions. Help us in our faithlessness, making us faithful in the mercy of God. Open our heart and mind, help us heal ourselves of selfishness to understand the meaning of sufferance and thank to God Who is the spring of all kindness and Who gives generously with magnanimity His gifts to those who entrust themselves lovingly to His will.



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