The power of the good thoughts

A hermit said:

Have trust in God and in your spiritual fathers. Be obedient when they ask you to do one thing or another and you will have peace. When you were self-reliant what have you acquired ?  Self reliance is a great impediment for the divine grace.

Don’t trust your mind. Have humble thoughts and God will protect you for your humility and you will experience His joy and peace. Our spiritual progress depends on us. If we don’t do the good things, not even great  Anthony or great Varsanuphios can save us. God is compelled towards us when we trust Him completely.

Anyone who has good thoughts has spiritual health.

During the German occupation the small children lived with corn bread and their cheeks were rosy because no matter what they ate, everything was assimilated in the blood. On the contrary, the children of the rich people, even if the ate good bread with butter and marmalade, were pale and sick. It is right the same with the spiritual things. If we have humble, innocent and pure thoughts, then we’ll be healthy spiritually.

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