The pain softens the heart and takes away its roughness

I have a flu.I have a strong pain in the area of the appendicitis and I don`t know what will happen. Anyway glory to You, God!

God loves us and seeks that through the unwanted pains to make us worthy of the communion of His perfect goods.

Unfortunately we, especially I, don`t love our soul in a spiritual way. If we loved our soul and wished to become worthy of the eternal goods, we would endure without murmur the trials of the soul and body.

The pain softens the heart and takes away its roughness. Thus the softened heart the soil is smoothened for receiving the seed of true repentance.

We the cowards in the fight with the troubles reject in a certain way the Grace of God.

The man can`t remember God as long as he is happy. Even if he does it he does it in a rush. But he remembers Him ardently only when the trial, the pain comes. When the trouble afflicts him, when he expects what bad he prays with ardour. The Good God is glad like a mother when her child asks her painfully because He sees love in this.

No matter which would be the trial when there is patience and gratitude the man always wins. This is seen at the end of the trial when he sees the ease of his soul, the clarification of his mind and the sweetness which comes from inside.

Let us pray to be given to us knowledge and patience in the troubles of life, for gaining our salvation.. Amen.

Excerpt from Fatherly counsels– Archimandrite Ephrem Philotheos, Evanghelismos.

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