The names from the grave

Priest Alexandru Lungu

Sometimes I gather names from the graveyard and I pray for them. I choose those where I see a bigger mess and where everything seems to be fallen into oblivion. You know those tombs full of weeds and candles which burnt some time ago but not being visited for months, sometimes for years, nothing seems to maintain the bond between the alive and the dead.

But nobody dies for real except when we forget him. To the poor you give a loaf of bread and a coat from time to time. But to the one who is not remembered at the Holy Liturgy it is stolen his last chance for salvation.

When you want to invest in something really important, don`t pay too much attention to the way the tomb or the tomb stone will look, if it will be made of marble or palm wood, of fir tree or linden tree, as we take nothing with us, neither stone nor the flowers from the tomb. But your names should be remembered at Proskomidy either in the poorest church from the world or in a cathedral, with the condition to have the Holy Liturgy officiated there.

Maybe one day we will die and our dear ones will remember us for some time but time passes by and the man unfortunately has in his DNA oblivion and postponement. But if your names remain alive in the remembrance list of a zealous priest and this one will add you at thousands and thousands of other names, you will never miss the torch which draws us to repose.

But the man is like the grass of the field, today blooms and tomorrow withers and it is thrown in the fire. But his remembrance should not be missing. If you want to make a good deed and have no one to repay you here, take when you go to a graveyard the name from the most unkempt tomb, put them beside those of your people and you will gain a praying person in the Day of Judgment who will turn into your best defender. Only love doesn`t perish and this is the only thing we take with us in the afterlife, nothing else.

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