The monk who wanted to become an angel

Abba John the Little told his elder brother once:

`I want to be without any worry, like angels, not working, only serving God without cease.

He took of his coat and left for the desert.

After a week he returned to his brother, knocked at his door and heard him asking  before opening :

`Who are you?`

He answered:

`John, your brother.`

But the other one told him:

`John has become an angel, he is not anymore among men.`

He started to cry:

`It`s me, John.`

But his brother didn`t open, let him suffer till the morning and in the end he opened the door for him and said :

`You became a man and need to work in order to eat?`

The other one bowed before him and said:

`Forgive me, brother.`

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