The message of Father Iulian from Prodromu to the Romanian people

On March 10, 2023, at 1:00 PM, one of the most beloved monks of Mount Athos, Father Iulian (Lazar) from Prodromu, passed away at the age of 97. Here is an impressive message that Father Iulian from Prodromu addressed to the Romanian people in a dialogue with Mr. George Cabas:

-What message do you convey to the Romanian people?

-Return wholeheartedly to God through fasting and prayer. Let every person hasten to confess their sins to their spiritual father. There are so many misfortunes and accidents; you do not know when you will die. With what you depart, with that, God will judge you. The greatest thing is the good beginning of repentance, so that death does not catch you in heavy, unconfessed, and unrepentant sins. Then persist in prayer for one another, so that God may have mercy and free the Orthodox people everywhere.

-What worries you the most and what thoughts about the future do you have?

-I want everyone to truly know and love God and their neighbor. If they love God and their neighbor, there will be peace in the world. In the future, I want to do many good things, pray more, teach others more, and await the day when the Lord will take me beyond.

May the Romanian people benefit from the prayers of Father Iulian from Prodromu!

Source: Contemporary Fathers from the Holy Mountain Athos – George Cabas via

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