It was the woman from her dream

Priest Alexandru Lungu

A mother wrote to me who has been in hospital  for a  few months with  her six  years  old boy, somewhere abroad. She told me that before being in this unhappy situation she didn`t go to the church unless she was a godmother for a wedding or a baptism. It is worth being mentioned that she was a person with a very good financial situation. She traveled every year in the remotest and the most exclusive places of the world.  There was nothing she could not afford. Her husband was an investor in real estate.

One day her little boy felt bad and then a series of medical tests followed. The diagnosis was a terrible one: cerebral tumor. They spent tens thousands euros. They went abroad and one day while being in the ward a Romanian nurse who has been working for 10 years in that hospital put on the bedside table where she was hospitalized with her child a booklet with the Paraklesis of the Theotokos.

At first she left it there without giving it any importance. After a few days in a moment when her thoughts were rummaged, she took the booklet and started reading it. The first lines were enough to make her cry a river of tears.

In the first night after reading the Paraklesis she had a dream. It seemed  she was in an old church and at a certain moment a woman wearing a monachal robe entered there. She stopped before her and caressed as a mother her head. She told her she knew her pain and that she would overcome that trial. The next day when she woke up she was very confused.

There were a new series of medical tests and the result showed something which contradicted any expectation. The tumor which at first was of the size of a lemon now became of the size of an olive. She instantly remembered the dream and took out the crumpled booklet from her jacket. She looked more carefully at the picture from the book and recognized the face. It was the woman from her dream. Since then she has been reading daily the Paraklesis and her child is now beyond any danger.

(I was not allowed to show the conversation but I was allowed to post the miracle. To strengthen other parents facing desperate situations)

Holy Mother of God pray for us the sinful and do not leave us !

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