The love knot

At the meeting with the parents that took place at school, the headmistress highlighted the support parents should give to their children. Even though most of the parents work, she asked them to devote more time to their children.

But she was surprised when a father stood up slowly and with a quiet voice said that he didn’t find time at all during the week to take care of his son. “When I leave for work in the morning my son is still sleeping and unfortunately when I come back home I find him sleeping again.”

He explained her that he had to work very hard in order to support his family. He was worried because of the situation he was facing and felt deep remorse. In order to be reconciled with himself, when he got back home late in the evening, he kissed his son who was asleep. And for making him feel his presence, he made a knot at the corner of the bed sheet that covered his son. And he did this very lovingly, praying for him in the same time.

When his son woke up, he knew for sure that he had received his father’s kiss and that he had been beside him all night long. And thus he felt happy and safe.

The knot from the corner of the bed sheet was a way of communication between them…

The headmistress got stunned when hearing these. But her amazement was even bigger when she found out that his son was among the best students of that school.

This story makes us think about more modalities to be present in the life of the others and communicate in a better way with them. This father found his simple but efficient way. And the most important thing is that his son understood by that knot what his father wanted to tell him.

Sometimes we worry about how to say some things and forget what’s the most important, the communication by means of feeling.

For a child some simple gestures like a kiss or a knot made at the corner of a bed sheet mean a lot more than other presents and dull apologies.

What matters is that we care about people, but what counts the most is to make them feel that.

For making this communication possible we must listen to the voice of our hearts, because when we want to show our love, our feelings are much stronger than any words.

Sometimes people cannot understand the importance of lots of words, but they know how to appreciate a sign of love. Even if this sign is a simple knot. But it’s a knot full of love and kindness…

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