Glory to God!

There was once a poor woman who used to say all the time, for any good it happened to her: “Glory to God!”

Near her lived a rich man who got annoyed every time he passed by her house and heard her saying: “Thank you, God!”

He bore that till one day when he said to hid servant:

“Go to the market and buy two carts of food and take them to this woman. And if she asked you who sent them, tell her that are sent by the devil.”

So the next day the servant rang at the door of that woman. When she opened, she saw two carts filled with plenty of foods and behind them stood the servant.

“Glory to God!” “Thank You, God!” the woman said shining with happiness.

“Don’t you want to know who sent you the carts?” the servant asked her anxiously.

“No, son, it doesn’t matter.” “When God wants, even the devil serves Him”, the woman said gladly and went back into the house with the carts.

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