The lesson given by pious Nicholas Planas to the coachman

One day he took a carriage to go to Saint John Church in his parish. Somewhere near the Gate of Hadrian, happening something with the carriage horse the coachman started to curse with anger and wickedness. The father told him immediately:

`Stop, stop, my son, let me descend!` And he paid him as they agreed till the church

`But I didn`t take you to your church !` said the coachman.

`I know, my son` the father answered, `but I can`t stay anymore in your carriage because you cursed the One I honor.`

The coachman didn`t know what to say. He left musing and who knows if he ever cursed again.

Excerpt from Saint Nicholas Planas, the protector of the married – Nun Marta, Evanghelismos.

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