The horses with their heads changed

Saint Spiridon went to the first global Ecumenical Council from Nikea and remained over night to sleep at an inn and the spiteful Arians cut in secret the heads of his two horses with which he was going on his journey. When day broke his servant saw the wickedness of the heretics and warned Saint Spiridon about this.

Then the Pious Saint having hope in God ordered his servant to put the cut heads in their places. The servant doing in a haste what he was ordered to do put by mistake the head of the white horse at the black one and the head of the black at the white one and the horses came back to life immediately and stood on their legs.

Then Saint Spiridon went on his way with these horses.

All who saw them were surprised by the miraculous fact that the black horse had a white head and the white horse had a black head.

In this way, with this miracle, he ashamed the heretics.

Excerpt from The good shepherd – The life and miracles of Saint Spiridon the Bishop of Tremithus, the wonder maker – Archimandrite Antonios Pakalidis, Evanghelismos.

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