The fulfillment of all wishes

Do not get upset if there is something happening in the world that is not in accordance with your wishes. It cannot be possible to be done everything according to your thoughts and to what you want, because not all your desires are good and not all their accomplishment are useful. Something happened according to your will and desire, fine, if it didn’t just leave it to the will of God. If something happened as you wanted be grateful. If it didn’t, don’t be upset because nothing is eternal here and everything is only for a short time in this world. You should have one care only, you shouldn’t be estranged of God and his most holy grace.

Do not crave that all your desires be accomplished and be always in accordance with your will – this is not in the power of man, but of God. One is God’s will and another is yours, his thoughts are others than yours and it is not in your power to know and understand the divine thoughts. That is why you shouldn’t get upset for the unfulfilled desires and you should leave it all in the care of God.

Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you;He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. (Psalm 55, 25).

Do not have a weakened and impatient soul, wanting to see everything happening in accordance with your will. It is much more preferable to pray to God in peace and patience, leaving everything to his will. Do not ask for the fast accomplishment of your wishes – not all wishes are good nor their accomplishment useful. You can find what are the wishes you have that are in accordance with God’s will by long waiting and diligent prayer. If it is something according to God’s will, He will give it to you soon, but if your wish is not in accordance with his will God will prevent it and will keep your wish unfulfilled for your benefit doing this with His oikonomia. And either if He gives it to you or not, receive everything gratefully and humbly.

Do not long for something with callousness and without patience but do everything with temperance.

Everything is more useful and founded when it is gained wisely and patiently. If everything accomplished according to your will, you would never come to know your helplessness, you would never gain anything for the availof your soul but you would do everything against that.

That’s why the All Seeing God, having mercy on his creature and taking care of everyone’s avail doesn’t give you all the time what you want, but quite often it happens right the opposite, for your guidance so that by coming to the knowledge of your weakness you do not become disheartened, but humble, full of patience and humility.

God as a real Healer for curing our soul many times ordains and does something against our wills, saddening us for making us look for the immortal and eternal comfort from Him – God the Lord. This sadness is for a short time and that comfort is for eternity. What would be your gain if all your wishes came true but you upset God all the time? What would you gain if all your wishes came true but you remained completely estranged of God’s grace? Nothing indeed!

The more gratefully you will endure the sorrows sent to you by God by the unfulfillment of your wishes, the more comfort you will receive from Him afterwards, since it is written:

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. (Psalm 94, 19).

Thus do not embitter yourself for a pain of this kind allowed by God but receive gratefully this remedy for your soul. It is preferable to endure  here a smaller pain than suffer for eternity, because it is better so suffer here not there.

Absolutely lamentable and pitiful is the one who does much wrong and always longs to see everything happening in accordance with his will. He should know that he will suffer against his will in the afterlife.

God having mercy and sparing his creature and wanting what is best for us sends us here quite often pain and hardship.

In this world you will have trouble. (John 16, 33) says the Lord. He wants us not to drown in the earthly pleasures but to endure pains to raise ourselves to Him more fervently and successfully and to become worthy of the eternal joy and merriment.


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