The choice that follows you

Once there were three women who were going on a walk when they suddenly saw in front of them, down in a pit, a woman who had fallen there. To their surprise, they realized that the name of that woman was Happiness.

Then the first woman told her:

“My happiness, I want  to make me be beautiful!”

She immediately turned into a beautiful woman and left happily.

The second woman said to Happiness:

“I want to become rich.”

All of a sudden it appeared before her a bag full of gold and diamonds and the woman grabbed it and left.

The third woman waited silently. Happiness, from the pit where she was,  cried out: “Now, tell me what you want to give you?”

The third woman bent over the pit, raised her hand and said:

“Give me your hand!” And she took Happiness out of that pit. Then she continued her way…But Happiness smiled and followed her wherever she went…