The answer of a poor man

One day a rich man was walking down the street when all of a sudden he saw a poor old man who was sitting on the steps of a building. His clothes were dirty, he had no shoes in his feet but he had such a broad smile on his face…

He wanted to ask him something but changed his mind and went on walking. The next day the rich man saw again the poor one and he was as serene as before and had a happy smile on his face…The rich man could not understand why that man was so happy when he had nothing at all…So he went to him and asked:

”How can you smile when you are the way you are?” ”You seem very happy.”

The poor old man answered: ”I am indeed, good man.”

The rich man asked  him again: ”And why are you happy?” ”Have you got any money?”

”I don’t have a thing, good man.” ”Sometimes I get some food from the passers-by”, the poor man said.

”Have you got a home? A family?” the rich man asked.

”I haven’t got any home and any family at all.” ” I am free like a bird”, the poor man answered.

”Then surely you are hale and hearty”, the rich man said.

”No way, good man.” ” The cold of the night can’t bring me any good health…and I lost almost all my teeth”, the poor man said.

”Then I don’t understand…why are you happy?” ”The recipe of your happiness might prove useful to me.” ”I have everyhthing, but I am unhappy”, the rich man said.

”God does not give a person more trials than he could bear.” ”I accept what I am, where I am and what happens with my life.” ”I am grateful that I am alive and if it is necessary I face each trouble with endurance, patience and smiles.” ”I understand that God wants to put me to the test.” ”I haven’t got anything cause life is not about having something.” ”Life means to wake up in the morning and go further no matter what.”


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