She springs out from the tears of prayer

Priest Ioan Istrati

The Holy Virgin, the Mother of God was born on this day.

She springs out from the tears of prayer, from the old age blessed by kindness and holy purity. She shines in the world as a fruit of God`s miracle, a baby girl greater than the skies, who prepares herself to give birth to the Creator of everything.

The small baby who is inaudibly crying today will become the intercessor of mankind. The baby girl light as a feather is more delighted than the skies. The baby girl who stays at the bosom of God`s grandmother prepares herself to become sanctified Church and speaking heaven.

She is Church as in her fitted and rested the King of heavens. She is Cathedral of eternity as within her comes into being God in person. The Creator of galaxies fits wholly, out of the humbleness of love, in the small virginal womb of His mother.

She is the most pure altar of the Lamb of God, as she bears, rocking Him, the One who rests the entire being. The Mother of God is the mother of the Church, for nobody can ever come into the inheritance of Christ if he doesn`t give Him birth in secret in his soul as He was born in flesh by the Virgin of the divine love. Nobody can receive the Spring of life if he doesn`t feel the divine tears scented by virginity from the eyes of the one who gave birth to Him.

Nobody can love the One who loved mankind if he doesn`t become spiritually a mother in his soul, to give Him birth in secret.

The deification of the human nature is the image and extension of the Lord`s Incarnation from His Most Pure Mother. When she rocks God, the myriads of angels sigh. When she kisses her Son, the whole universe is filled with divine love. When she gently whispers to the eternal Infant the whole world finds its hidden Logos.

But more than Church, the Mother of God is a speaking heaven, a mystical paradise, who speaks about the supreme vocation of man of eternal love.

The Virgin is the Burning Bush in which matter is sanctified and is forever freed from corruption, burning of the longing for God but remaining untouched by corruption.

Her fruitful virginity shows the creature of heaven in which matter is suffused with grace and overcomes the laws of creation by the laws of love. The purity which is giver of birth is the teological metaphor of heaven, the hidden image of God`s Kingdom, the Path towards which goes the universe burdened by sins. Any man who inherits heaven is in fact the one who came to love God with a motherly love and watch Him and raise Him in his heart for becoming everything in him.

The Holy Virgin is a spring of love because she fulfills in herself the whole love cried out of the man despoiled of grace and of the whole longing of God of unification with us. Her mercies are pouring over mankind without waiting any confirmation or demand but overflowing ceaselessly cease the sweetness of love from her motherly heart. The whole universe gravid with God looks longingly to the one who gave it birth and learns how to fills itself with tears from the light which springs out from the eternal One. Humanity comprehends the mysteries of history and learns the Eucharistic transformation of matter into energy by grace as a childbirth which keeps its virginity and as death which foretells life.

We see today a baby girl and we understand the greatness of God`s love. We hear a baby cry and we learn the unspeakable wisdom of Trinity. We look at a human baby and we foresee among tears how much a man can elevate himself through love to the throne of light of Life. We kiss with our soul a baby but we study at the desk of theology of the ages. Her silence is more precious than all the words of this world. For the greatest power of the universe is the love which gives birth, the self sacrifice, the mother of a baby. The greatest light from the universe is the power to love for eternity those who killed your child.

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