Selfless love

A starets sent his disciple to Egypt to bring a camel from there and carry their handicraft on it from their skete to Egypt. While the monk was bringing the camel, he met an elder who told him:

If I had known that you were going to Egypt, I would have told you to bring one for me too.

The disciple went to his starets and  told him what that elder had said to him. When the starets heard his words, said:

Take the camel, go with it to the elder and say: We’ve fixed our affairs. Take the camel and do your work. Go with him to Egypt and and after he would have finished his work, take the camel and bring it back here so that we could send our handicraft to Egypt.

The disciple did exactly as he had been told by his starets. After loading the elder’s handicraft on the camel, went with him to Egypt. Arriving there and downloading the camel, the disciple said to that elder:

Pray for me, abba!

But where are you going? the elder asked him.

To our skete, to take our handicraft and bring it here, the disciple answered with simplicity.

Then, the elder hearing these humbled himself and with tears in his eyes bowed towards the disciple saying:

May God forgive you, cause your love took my own fruit.

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