Saint Gabriel the Georgian : The spiritual confessor should pretend he is angry at least once a day

Elder Gabriel was a living example of kindness but when he noticed that someone distorted or counterfeited the meanings of the Orthodox faith his eyes darkened and he hit you like thunder with his word. On one of such occasions, one of his spiritual sons asked him:

“When we see you angry, are you really angered?”

“My heart is never touched by anger. It’s just an outer anger.”

But once he gave the impression that he had got really angry. He stood up and furiously exclaimed:

“You shouldn’t distort my words.” “I speak by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

In that moment dark clouds covered the sky, the sun hid and everything forecast that it was going to rain. Those who were guilty for that understood, repented for their mistake and apologized. Then the elder smiled and the sun showed up again in the sky.

“Don’t distort my words!” You see, this has an influence even upon the weather! The spiritual father should pretend he is angry at least once a day.


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