Saving two souls

Reverent Alexandru Lungu

I received a letter from a young woman who expressed her desire to have an abortion. She had deeply loved a boy and decided to leave her home. As their love story unfolded, she found herself alone, carrying their child. The boy, considering himself a “real man,” realized the consequences of their affair and straightforwardly informed her that he had a promising future ahead and couldn’t spend his best years with her.

Due to the shame she felt towards her parents, particularly for disappointing them, she couldn’t return home. Furthermore, she had no money left, as he had made extravagant promises that were never fulfilled. Determined to end her life, she fled to the outskirts of the village one night, accompanied only by the child she carried.

Lost in her despair, a car pulled up beside her. Inside was an elderly priest, likely on his way home. He insisted on giving her a ride to the village. Reluctantly, she hesitated to accept, but as the cold started to bite and her body weakened from hunger and fatigue, she eventually agreed after much persuasion.

As the conversation progressed, the young woman confided in the priest about the critical situation she was in. The priest told her that she could spend the night in an annex of the house, where he used to secretly shelter pilgrims and homeless people, a secret known only to him and his wife.

The next day, when the young woman woke up, she wanted to proceed with her plan, as she had no other way out of the predicament. However, the priest was waiting for her at the door and made her a proposition: stay here until you give birth, and then I will help you find a job, and as for the child, I will find a married couple who cannot have children.

How could she refuse such an opportunity? Months went by, and the child was born. In the meantime, the young woman started to develop an attachment to the baby, talking to him, singing to him, and when the time came, she decided to keep him. The priest was overjoyed, and together with his wife, they decided to support her for as long as she needed.

Today, after many years, the young woman is married and living abroad. All of this is thanks to a priest who stopped his car one night, saving two souls.

The story is true.

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