Nobody can love God without having a personal relationship with Him, without talking to Him and praying to Him

Monk Moses the Athonite

We are attached to the earth, to materiality, we don’t know how to fly in the deepest heights of the sky, we don’t know how to enlighten the sky for receiving the heavenly aid that we need. We are flustered, seduced, attracted by the ephemeral earthly things, we cannot detach easily from them. We strive to gain wealth on earth, we always seek pleasures to entertain us, but those rather bring us pain. Pitiful and miserable is that one who seeks his joy in the mud.

The ascension to the sky starts from remorse and repentance out of a broken and humble heart. The man deserves to feel the fact that he was not created for the earth. The passionate attachment doesn’t offer any joy, our binding to the ephemeral things is a serious mistake which bears bitter fruits.

Ascending higher than you dreamt is not impossible, it’s something achievable by everyone. It’s enough to wish that and to love. At the beginning we are reluctant, diffident, fearful, we don’t want to risk. Of course we think that it’s something unachievable, unusual, impossible and in any case it’s not for us. We consider that it is an unallowed and impious game, that we are too sinful for something like this: but the prayer is not only for saints.

If someone prays humbly and decently, his heart starts to soften, he gets enlightened, strengthened and he finds peace. He will feel that it is worth praying, he will feel joy, satisfaction, safety, strengthening and comfort. He will understand that prayer is a huge need of his soul, a natural move, a divine work and it will become a virtuous habit and not a formal deed, a daily delight and a gift. Just as the body needs food daily for its subsistence, our immortal soul needs the same.

No one can love God without having a personal relationship with Him, without talking to Him and praying to Him.

He always thinks about Him and asks for His aid. The remembrance of God means prayer.

You remember the beloved one and rejoice. The invocation of God is an opportunity to rejoice, to find peace and blessing. Without prayer, the soul remains lifeless, helpless, sick and the prayer brings spiritual health, balance, discernment, enlightment, holiness.

The prayer becomes a shield against the sin. The one who prays is preoccupied by his conversation with God and he is not interested in any vain things. He learns humility, meekness, simplicity and love. The one who prays is a beloved son of God.

The prayer is a great gift of God for man.


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