Nobleness and truth

One morning he took the taxi from home to go to a hospital to see a sick man. He knew the tax to the hospital was of 30 drachms as he went there regularly. But he saw that paradoxically the counter showed a double value. He understood that happened because of a trick of the driver.

When he reached his destination the counter showed 50 drachms. He gave him the money and when descending he told the driver:

.Look at the counter, please, it must be out of order.

And he descended. Then the taxi driver started to shout:

`Father, father, how much did you pay another time? Come and take your change.

`This doesn`t matter! Fix the counter said the elder.`

Excerpt from the book Fragments of life – Archimandrite Epiphanios Teodoropulos, Evanghelismos.

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