Me with my millions…

A businessman gathered millions of dollars. At a certain moment he decided to finally take a year of vacation and live in the luxury he felt he had the right to afford but in the moment he took that decision the angel of death came to him.

Being used with negotiations our man thought he could succeed somehow to get some time:

Give me three more days of my life and you can take a third of my fortune.

The angel did not agree.

`Fine, then I give you two…three millions. Give me a day to see my family for which I have never had time because I was always busy.

The angel remained immovable. The man asked him to give him a few moments to write to his son a few words  with the tongue of death.

This wish was accomplished.

`Value time` he wrote. `Me with my millions could not buy not even an hour.`

Excerpt from Why I am not an angel. Stories to spend time usefully – ,  Sophia Publishing, 2018.

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