Love grows gradually in the challenges of life

Priest Alexandru Lungu

Mirela wrote to me today and I apologize I relate her trouble to the whole world. We can learn the hard lessons from the experiences of the others and more painfully and harder when we face them.

Mirela fell in love with a boy one day when problems didn`t assault them. It was the time when honey was found in all the corners of the heart and of the soul. Even the dark clouds were pouring sweetness and they didn`t pay any attention to the any kind of wind. It didn`t matter it was day or night, winter or summer, hot or cold. They were and that was enough. At start we all are ready to give the moon from the sky and make wreaths from the stars of the universe.

But time, this diabolical enemy of love comes imperceptibly and surprises us in the most unexpected ways. Time in Mirela`s life passed and the years were laid over other years and love withered as the snow falls from the tall fir trees of the mountains. It was evening and then it was morning and love died. They had a little boy, the apple of his eye, called Matthew like one of the apostles. But God sometimes comes and put us to test as gold is proven in fire and in the melting pot and so does love. But it is so easy to love when you have nothing to hate and it is hard to love when there is nothing to love. This is what happened with them too.

Matthew got sick and she had to offer him everything, her time, eyes, breath, heart and even her own life. They made the luggage and went abroad but he didn`t follow them. The impostor she once had offered everything in time of trouble didn`t offer her anything at all in exchange only his absence and indifference.

This should be a lesson for everyone of us. Love is not found where just laugh and welfare is in the first days. Not who brings you the biggest bunch of flowers from the first date is the one, no, not that one is the man of your life the one you wish to grow old with; but the man who gets up every day and wakes you up kissing your pain and wounds, the man who before going leaves on the table from the living room the steaming coffee and he even throws the trash, the man who doesn`t refuse to wash the dishes or change the dipers of the baby, that one who hugs you all night and if it is necessary sleeps with the hand under your head until his blood goes out

Love is not a perfect mechanism and there is no ideal for it. It grows gradually in the challenges of life and resists only there where the trials are not absent.

Do not run after surrogates, money, cars, holidays, clothes and others of this kind. If he is not present there when you are down and disheveled, without any make up at all, then he had never been. If he doesn`t want to accept sometimes the last place in a relation and his eyes don`t shine when meeting yours then there is no love and there is no future. Love endures a lot, it is not self-seeking, doesn`t delight in evil. Love can never fall!

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