Look What Dirty Laundry She Has

A couple moved in a new house.

In the morning just woken up from sleep, the woman looked on the window and saw a neighbor who was hanging her laundry in the balcony.

`Look what dirty laundry she has!` the woman said to her husband

He didn`t pay any attention to her as he was reading a book.`

`Maybe she has a bad soap…or she may even not know how to wash. Someone should teach her` the woman didn`t give up.

And every time her neighbour was hanging her laundry to dry, the woman expressed her stupor regarding the dirtiness of her laundry.

One day looking on the window the woman exclaimed:

`Oh today the laundry is clean. See our neighbor seems to have learnt in the end how to wash.`

`No, said her husband. Today I simply woke up earlier and washed your window.`

This happens in our life as well: before condemning the others it might be well to take a look and see how clean our thoughts and heart are.

Excerpt from Why I Am Not an Angel. Stories to spend the time usefully– Sophia Publishing, 2018.

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