Instead of hanging yourself you should pray

Before I did not believe in God, although, in my infancy, I had been baptized. I committed many terrible sins. Because of this reason my life fell apart. I fell into despair. One day not bearing the troubles any more I decided to hang myself. I did not want to live anymore only to put an end to my troubles. I started to prepare my rope. But from the cellar an old man showed up. He had a nice look a gentle and bright face and he wore boots and was dressed with a sheepskin. `Instead of hanging yourself, you should pray.` he told me and enumerated all the abortions I had done. Terrified I saw my unborn babies with frightening faces. I felt very uneasy because of the revealed sins, but the old man looked at me gently and vanished.

I cried for a long time. Later when I went down to the cellar looking for him nobody was there. The words of the old man resounded in my mind. The thought to suicide disappeared. I started to think seriously about my life. I related what happened to a faithful woman and asked for her advice. The woman told me:

`This was a divine miracle. Go to the church and confess yourself. God will forgive your sins and your life will change.`

I went to the church where in an icon I recognized the old man who had visited me only here he was dressed in shining clothes.  I asked the people around me: `Who is in this icon?` `Saint Nicholas, the bishop of Myra`, it was the answer. `He is a great miracle worker.`

The miracle which happened and the mercy of God changed my life. I started to believe with all my heart. I go often to the church and confess and commune. I try all my best to live a Christian life. I always thank to Saint Nicholas our great helper in troubles and pains.

Source: New miracles of Saint Nicholas – Sophia Publishing.

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