He heals people in the place where they praise Him

Răzvan Bucuroiu

`All the people enjoyed the glorious deeds He did.` This is how it ends the passage from the Gospel of today: with a New Testament happy ending. Everyone leaves happily to their affairs: the crooked woman gets healthy, the people feels and sees that Someone defends them against an over excess of rigor  and Christ reveals in their fullness His out of the world powers healing in full daylight. And where? Exactly in the synagogue on a Saturday.`

What did the Saviour show with this powerful deed of separation from the religious leaders from those times ? That He made these healings with the help of His heavenly Father in perfect consonance with His Will, directly without intermediaries and without successive attempts, without lamentations, tricks or ambages. And God simply listens to His supplications and through Christ He heals people in the place where they praise Him: in the synagogue. This reinforces the idea that God is present there and it also reveals the fact that the Son has unlimited power to fulfill His salvatory mission, that God, the subject of the Old Law, acts through His Son and together with Him directly without intermediaries where everyone expected that to happen excepting the religious leaders: in the synagogue. The religious leaders are upset because on Saturday, the day of absolute rest, understood ad literam and treated accordingly miraculous healings took place.

Thus,  aren`t the synagogue or the temple the places of the physical and spiritual healing? Yes, but not on Saturday.

But do these severe diseases and the big troubles take a rest on Saturday too?

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