In a train…

An old man was travelling by train. At a certain moment he stood up and shouted:

`Jesus Christ is alive!`

Then a woman who was sitting next to him and had a small child shouted:

`Shut up cause you don`t know a thing! Your Jesus doesn`t exist anymore.`

Then the old man got ashamed and sat down.

After some time he stood up again and shouted:

`Jesus will come back! We must repent for our sins and receive Him today.`

Then the woman who rebuked him before stood up again, with her child in her arms, and started rebuking again the poor old man.

As the woman didn`t stop rebuking him, the child told her:

`Mother stop rebuking the old man, as God sent him.`

Then his mother fell on her knees and started crying.

`Why are you crying, woman?` the old man asked her.

`I`m crying cause my child was dumb and now he speaks.`

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