Saint Paul, the Apostle tells us here that he delights in his thorn. It was not like this from the beginning. He cried to the Skies so that the thorn may be taken away from him.

But his Lord told him that he must keep it, that he needs it, that through it he will have blessing and he didn`t get upset anymore. He even accepted it and didn`t complain anymore. This is the only righteous behavior towards any unpleasant, embarrassing or painful thing when we realize we can`t get rid of it.

It is God`s will to have it in our life, for a very justified reason He knows. We have to overcome this thing taking it into our heart, receiving it as something from Christ. No matter how hard it torments us, if we receive it this way it will bring blessing in our life. God sends us some of the greatest blessings through our thorns and it were a pity to take them away and get rid of them.

There are many men who are so self-important that they don`t have any room for Christ. O, if they became void of their selfishness then He would fill them with Himself and then they would have the inexpressible power for good in the world. We can trust in Him completely to enrich our life. He knows when pain is necessary, when loss is the only way to win, when suffering is needed to keep us at His feet. He gives us troubles to bless us in a way and every time we revolt or get rid of our thorn we loose. (new saint martyr empress Alexandra of Russia)

Excerpt from Heavenly Wisdom from the God Enlightened Wise Elders about how to Overcome Depression, second edition , Sophia Publishing via http://doxologia.ro

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