God why my hens don`t lay eggs anymore?

My mother took us to the church since I was a child. We were eleven children and she took us all to the church. Being children we told her that our feet hurt and we wanted to get out. Mother told us:

`You don`t know what meaning the prayer has and you don`t know how to pray to Christ but the pain from your feet is your prayer to God. This is your prayer when your feet hurt for Christ. To have your body tired for Christ because you don`t know how to pray because you are a child.`

What impressed me at mother i t was her prayer. Mother spoke with God as she spoke with father.

`God, why my hens don`t lay eggs anymore? I want o feed these children. Or why my cow doesn`t give milk anymore? Or why did the pig die sick? Don`t you see God that I have here some mouths to feed?

I learnt from my mother this personal relation with God and I had it in jail beside the relationship with mother.

Mother didn`t know theology at all.

If you asked her what  the Saint Trinity meant she didn`t know, She knew only the Father Son and Holy Ghost, but  she didn`t know what the Saint Trinity meant.

If you can have a simple faith you are the happiest of all. You don`t need any theory. Nothing can delude you, nothing can trouble your faith.

Mother was not troubled by the death of her children by poverty or by richness. She was not rich but anyway we had some good periods. Richness did not make her proud and poverty didn`t humiliate her, she remained as loyal to faith and as direct in her relationship with God.

Excerpt from Lively words – priest Gheorghe Calciu, Bonifaciu.

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