Good returns to the one who did it

A young jobless man woke up one morning and went to check the pockets of his trousers. All that he found were a few dollars. He decided to use them for buying some food and then…what God wills. He was too proud to go and beg, he thought that only weak people do this. He preferred to die instead of it.

He was sad and disappointed cause he could not find any job and no one wanted to help him. He went to the store, bought some food and sat on a bench in the park. While he was trying to open the food bag, he saw how an old man with a white beard was coming towards him. Behind him there were two little children.

When the old man got before him, asked him for a slice of bread. With tears in his eyes, he said that neither him nor the kids  had eaten anything for almost a week.

The young man looked at him pitifully. They were so thin that you could see their bones. Deeply touched by the way they looked, he took pity on them and gave them all his food.

In that moment the old man made the sign of the cross, said a few words that sounded like a prayer and then gave him a very old coin.

The man looked at them and said: ”I think that you need more prayers than I do.”

Without any money in his pocket, jobless and without any food, the young man went under a bridge to rest. While he was about to fall asleep an old newspaper fell near him. He raised it and saw an ad: a man was buying old coins. He tore that ad from the newspaper and went to look for that address. Reaching the destination, he showed the coin to the collectioner. That man got speechless. He went behind the counter, took out a big book and showed him a picture. In that picture it was the same coin he had got – it was worth three million dollars.

The young man sold the coin and went in search of the old man and his kids. But in the park there was no trace of them. However, on the bench there was a note:

”You gave us all you had…and we want to reward you with this coin. Never lose your faith.

GOD and his angels.”

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