The life of nowadays, being ceaselessly on the run, is a hell

The men rush without cease and are always on the run. At a certain hour they must be here at another hour they must be somewhere else and so on. And in order not to forget everything they have to do, they write everything down. With such a…

Iverskaia Mater

In 1651 in the Monastery of Iviron there were 365 monks, who…
December 3, 2016/by p. Paisie

The devil reigns over futility

`Father why the devil is called the ruler of this world? Is that…
July 16, 2017/by p. Paisie

An American general was baptized Orthodox after he stayed for several years in Moldavia. The chief of the European Regional Medical Command of NATO says that the Mother of God spoke to him

An American general on mission in Basarabia fell in love with…
July 8, 2016/by p. Paisie


Message to all Christians
We unquestionably live the period…
February 17, 2016/by p. Paisie

The theology of the Cross (I)

Archimandrite Athanasios Mitilineos
For today’s topic I will…
October 17, 2016/by p. Paisie

Behind the trial is hidden the blessing of God

Almost all people owe their return to God to a trial
April 21, 2017/by p. Paisie

Ascension of the Lord

`Let us lift our hearts up`! (Holy Liturgy)
Today, my beloved…
May 18, 2018/by p. Paisie

Show me your hands!

A young man went to a big company for a job interview. He passed…
January 7, 2017/by p. Paisie

Give primacy to the beauty of soul

The soul that marvels at the beauties of the material world shows…
July 30, 2017/by p. Paisie

The blessing of generosity and the damage of stinginess

In a village there was a very poor man who had many children.…
April 6, 2017/by p. Paisie

About the divine revelation (II)

Why does it have a greater authority the divine revelation…
October 1, 2017/by p. Paisie

The pain was eased by Christ

Nun Porphyria

Death is sure for all, for rich and poor, for…
October 26, 2016/by p. Paisie
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