The idle man finds excuses and says: `Outside is a lion, I could be killed in the road.` (Solomon`s Proverbs 22 : 13). To justify his idleness, the idle man always complains about the difficulties and obstacles he meets in accomplishing…

The wise advice

Once there was a wise king who was looking for a sage and devoted…
October 22, 2016/by p. Paisie

Love must be the measure of all the things we do

Love must be the measure of all the things we do. Not sentimentalism,…
February 3, 2017/by p. Paisie

About the harmful influence of yoga practice upon the body and mind

In our time the yoga system is presented as a heal-all remedy…
May 4, 2018/by p. Paisie


Long time ago there was a very kind noble man. One day he called…
June 14, 2020/by p. Paisie

Saint Nicholas helps a sterile Muslim woman

A Muslim woman from Bashkortostan (Russia), who underwent many…
December 26, 2013/by p. Paisie

When we humble ourselves we have everything

Everywhere we are told about the salvation of the soul, as a…
May 10, 2018/by p. Paisie

Prayer for strength in trials and patience in troubles

Bishop Macarie Drăgoi

Righteous of the Old Testament you…
January 25, 2020/by p. Paisie

Are you Christ, sir?

The train stopped in the station. A small cripple child was selling…
September 1, 2017/by p. Paisie

The prayer and the scale

Metropolitan Chrysostom of Edesa

A poor mother who had many…
December 20, 2016/by p. Paisie

The pure heart is throne of God

Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis

Nothing is greater than a pure…
September 13, 2016/by p. Paisie

Mental sins

Saint Nikolai Velimirovici,
You ask me if the mental sins are…
October 5, 2017/by p. Paisie

Can we acquire holiness today?

Monk Moses
the Athonite

May 11, 2019/by p. Paisie
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