Marriage and Cross

Archimandrite Emilianos from Simonopetras Life doesn`t mean partying as some people believe who marry and afterwards they fall from the skies to the earth. The wedding is a waste sea and you don`t know what may appear in your way. You marry…

”My children mustn’t experience the hardships I’ve been through”

 An American journalist and writer, Jim Bishop, wrote: Once…
July 1, 2016/by p. Paisie

Don’t judge Christ for the sins of the Christians

Many times the Church misleads because there are within it some…
July 21, 2017/by p. Paisie

The straightening of the blasphemer

A man who was a mime and was named Gaianos blasphemed the Most…
August 29, 2017/by p. Paisie

Nobody can reach God if he is not close to people

Saint Porphyrios Kavsokalivite
We are happy when we love all…
August 19, 2017/by p. Paisie

Everything you do, you get it back

One day a man saw an old woman who was on the side of the road…
October 3, 2017/by p. Paisie

Too much worries make us forget about God

`Father, worries estrange us of God ?`
`Listen one thing from…
October 28, 2017/by p. Paisie

The barber and God

Once a man went to the barber to cut
his hair and shave him.…
August 17, 2019/by p. Paisie

Saint Nektarios about the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis
At the beginning of the twentieth…
September 29, 2016/by p. Paisie

Catholicism is in heresy

`Catholicism is in heresy`
We have the duty more than ever not…
September 4, 2018/by p. Paisie

I shall not overlook even your slightest sacrifice!

A woman had a husband who had become heavily addicted to drunkenness.…
February 14, 2017/by p. Paisie

The worldly spirit in spiritual life

`Father, you say very often : that man sees with an European…
August 22, 2017/by p. Paisie

To the same one, about Prayer and answer to his questions

I was very glad that you have such a zeal for receiving spiritual…
May 30, 2017/by p. Paisie
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