Message to all Christians

We unquestionably live the period of the cosmological changes. The events, already directed, are precipitously succeeding. The ecumenism expands within the leveling perspective of globalization, imposed by the strong political and economical centers. No one truly believes anymore that the ecumenism could offer a visible solution to the request of the Christian unity.

As orthodox Christians we ought to be neither with our heads in the skies nor indifferent. If we truly respect the life of people, if we care about the ones tortured by the religious tradition of the western world that reached in a blind alley but also about the eastern world caught into the trap of demonic wanderings, we have the duty to remain faithful in our Holy Church. Let us keep our ancient faith unaltered, authentically experiencing it in our daily strivings for our personal sanctification and deification. The right faith and the life in akrivia will make us capable to confess the Orthodoxy and also – why not? – to be worthy for martyrdom if and when the time comes.

There is no other Light

except the Light of Christ,

the true Light.

The perseverance in Orthodoxy, meaning the authenticity of life and the perseverance in Truth that sets us free and saves us, is not egoism, bigotry or religious intolerance. It expresses the ecumenical dimension, the love and care for the people of the Orthodox Church. It represents the last possibility that it offers for a radical spiritual change within the western area but also an escape of the East from the slavery of the deceitful gods.

“ECUMENISM” – Holy Monastery Paraclitu.