It is not difficult to distinguish between an ecumenist Orthodox and a “bigot” one. Here are some personal observations on how an ecumenist looks like:

  • superior”: although he simulates a humble behavior; he confesses his broad vision on aspects of faith, unlike the bigot who keeps to the Holy Fathers, thus being “frozen in his own templates”;

  • educated”: he studied a lot, even if not all the Holy Fathers; he studied the interpretations of great catholic theologians who taught him a lot about how he could interpret the dogmas and teachings of the Holy Fathers, unlike the bigot who does not really make differences and interpretations, but simply takes the dogmas and simple teachings as they are;

  • tolerant”: he accepts believers of other religions, because Christ calls them too, unlike the “blind” bigot, who instead of being aware of his own sins, is getting a blow into heretics and is harassing them with dogmas of the Holy Synods and teachings of the Holy Fathers;

  • loving”: he loves everybody, regardless of their faith, unlike the bigot who does not even accept to pray together with the heretics, not to mention loving them;

  • obedient”: he obeys the patriarchs, bishops, priests, unlike the bigots who rather obey the Holy Fathers and not the ecumenist hierarchs;

  • peaceful”: he does not want to create troubles and offend the faith of his “brothers” as he does not want to disobey his superiors and to raise issues and questions like bigots do, who therefore do not blindly listen to superiors but try to pick holes in ecumenism;

  • visionary”: the Church has to go with the trend, this is the vision of ecumenism. Whether we like it or not, the Catholics are billions unlike us who are a few millions, so we need to reach an agreement with them in order to fight against atheism. In addition to that, they already have experience with their adjustment to modernism, so we need to learn from them how to keep the faith when we enter the EU and we need to be their allies.


Christ is living and His Church will never fall, as for him who fears to confess, may he bear the word of Saint John Jacob from Neamt in his mind:

“Some of the current servants of the Holy Altar denigrate the Holy Canons, calling them rusted barriers. The canons are inspired by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers of the Seven Ecumenical Synods, and they say: ’The canons, due to their ancient character, became rusty.’ I do not say that they, due to their carnal attachment and lack of fear of God, became blinded and shed by losing their hair, beard and moustache and becoming like women. How’s the Image of our Lord and our Saints in comparison to them? That is why they trample the Holy Canons of the Saints and shout out loudly that they are Orthodox.”

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