At “Colectiv” Halloween reaped its fruits

         Elena Dulgheru

         You cannot sow wind without reaping the whirlwind. This is what Halloween does in an organized way with stipends from the Ministry of Education (and other governmental forums) without getting a fine from the NGOs for human rights for over more than 20 years, having green light in promoting the Satanism while the religion classes are accused of “indoctrination”.

         This is what the Romanian heavy metal music repeats, an uninspired clone by the western original, a second-hand Satanism but as harmful as the original. Listen to the visceral scratchy vibrations of low frequencies (by no means original) of the band “Goodbye to Gravity” that was releasing its new album in the club “Colectiv” on the evening of 30th October when the fire started so you can have an idea about the whole: The Day We Die. Admire its kitch poster with dragons coming out of a burning alien outfit that I feel disgusted to even paste here.

         Have a look over the corny logo with the skull flanked on sides by two flashes (taken from the logo of the famous band AC/DC) suggesting (by an iconic paraphrase that the designer of the logo very likely ignores) the source of inspiration for the band by no means heavenly.

         Sometimes, the things we say become true. If you repeatedly invoke a ghost, it might very well come… just from boredom or courtesy, just to not be long in coming. How come don’t the poor Satanists (and some of them do not even consider themselves like that) understand that much thing? Don’t they have the least of rational?!

         How long is it actually since the young Halloween-ers, heavy metal-ists and other frequent listeners to the franchise horror (artistic or commercial from music, cinema, poetry, from tennis shoes to t-shirts, scarfs, backpacks etc.) have been waiting for a night like the one in “Colectiv”, a night that they invoked themselves through the cult of visceral profaned and profane death? Or did they think that they would see it only at cinema while sitting on a comfortable armchair? Did they forget the promise of the little fairy: “The dreams come true?”

         The survivors and eye-witnesses of the nightmare from “Colectiv” mention about scenes of a horror movie, with people burning, experiencing this live with their own eyes and the journalists get the creeps when they realize the fulfillment of the “prophecies” from the lyrics of the rock band, from the chats of its members and moreover from the multi-secular chronicle of the evil celebration as this year of celebrates an anti-Christian number of celebrations.

         The country goes into mourning: the death and disaster were closer to us than ever. We light candles, we cry and we pray for the souls of livings and deceased, we keep moments of silence. Yet, how many of us have the courage to ask themselves: “What do we learn from all of these?” For death is not just in transit but it is also an element of speaking. What does this tragedy of death and suffering occurred in a club with a shape of tomb (yet by no means original) at the releasing of a CD about death, in a night with morbid connotations teach us? To either better secure the clubs against fire?!… I think that the pumpkins with lighted candles in them would laugh their heads off… Or to “secure” the souls of the youngsters with the science of protecting self-knowledge and with the science of knowledge of God (taken over by Satanism, by the pseudo-science of the Fallen Angel) and to fine once and for all the jerks from the system of education and from other institutions that allow and promote the orgies of death, stylishly packed in powder and vanilla sugar?


Comment Bucovina Profunda:

This is the first song from the released album with dedication for Halloween that resulted in such a tragedy. The song is called The way we die, the album is entitled Mantras of War and the band is Goodbye to Gravity. The demonism of the lyrics, sound and images is obvious and explicit. The poor people caught into the flames of demonism promoted by the dominating culture of this world became fashion, lifestyle and ideological trend tolerated within academic environments as well. May God comfort the sufferings of those who were burned in the fire and awake the hypnotized ones from this demonic culture and not allow the sufferings of 200 dead and wounded people to be in vain but to bear the awaking of others to the reality! The devil despises us all both those who fell into his traps and the others who did not. Maxim Virgil said that the devil throws to the trash after he misused those who follow him.

         The comment of a friend on Facebook:

Badia Vasile: “The TV channels and tabloids are competing in making this morbid event a TV show, the politicians are speculating the moment for the purposes of their election, the authorities desperately look for a fall guy, the secularists, feminists and Remus Cernea’s fans light candles… the cynicism has no boundaries. After they defiled the souls of these youngsters with all kinds of devilish holidays and meanders, now they weep and look for the culprits. Does the mass meeting against the church, the replace of the icons in schools with pagan celebrations, the replace of religion classes with sexual education, the participation to a concert where the evil is glorified instead of experiencing the Holy Liturgy have nothing to do with this unhappy event?”

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