The mediums and people who foretell using tea leaves or coffee grounds state out and loud that they have the “gift” of detecting some persons or the fact that a family was cursed and that they can find out who cursed them. Let’s be serious, isn’t that these people simply ridicule the ordinary people?
The deceased Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopulos was the confessor of such type of deceivers who repented; he used to ask them:
– Why did you partake to the devil’s work?
– I did it for money, they answered.
– When your clients asked you something, what did you answer to them?
– We simply make a fool of them.

These confessed very honestly that they deceived the people. “Behind the mediums (and so on) you will find nothing more than deception and avarice”, asserts the deceased priest in his observations.
These amateurs of occultism are also proud of the fact that they can detect a missing person or object. Is that so? If they are so clever in finding people, why don’t they use their powers to help the police find those who represent a danger for the society? There are lots of awards for finding the wanted people. This could be a very prosperous business!
Surely they would like it, but they cannot. The only thing they can do is to deceive people.
In 1969, in Athens was a man who passionately loved a married woman. He was very determined to marry her although she did not even want to hear about that. One day, he set her up and convinced her to join him in his car. He brought her to Parnassos Mountain. Of course he tried everything to make her change her mind yet she was very adamant. The consequence was that he suddenly steered the wheel as such that he went into a rock that sent them to death on the rocks of the 700m abyss.
At home her family waited her to come back. A day passed, then another one… No sign from her.
Her mother went to a medium for help. She paid him generously. All that she wanted was to know where her daughter was. His answer was the following: “You daughter is alive and doing fine. In this moment she is walking on a street close to Piraeus.”
When you pay a visit to these “visionaries”, you will pay a price… They make fool of you and in addition to that you also pay for it. You pay them generously and everything seems to be fine. You don’t even take that into account. Yet if a priest comes to you and ministers a service for you and then you give him, “a small” amount” then you won’t stop complaining that you had to pay him.

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3. There are also mediums used by the police to solve difficult cases. The policemen ask they help and they are interested by all means to find out the author of a crime or burglary. They don’t even realize that the devil will play the role of redeemer when he knows that people fall into his trap.

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